How Children can Achieve World Peace?

How Children and Youth of Today can Achieve World Peace?

Vijay Mehta:

Children from Boston, Massachusetts of Bookmakers and Dreamers Club, published a big book called “Pages for Peace”. Each page of the book is 12 feet tall, 10 feet wide, and the book weighs a ton, making it one of the biggest books in the world on peace.

Some of the world luminaries who wrote for the book “Pages for Peace” were Jimmy Carter, the Dalai Lama, Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu and Maya Angelou. I was honoured to be asked to give a contribution about my thoughts on how children can achieve World Peace. My response to their questions was as follows:

What is world peace?
“All spiritual teachings and religions of the world call for universal and eternal truths of love, peace, kindness and harmony. They call to promote self control, sacrifice, harmony, non-violence and understanding. By following their teachings, all conflicts can be avoided and we can find the true meaning of peace on earth.”

Will there ever be world peace?

Yes, it will be achieved as soon as voices of peace and peacemakers are more prominent and established than the forces of destruction, violence and warmongering.

Where do you see the world in twenty years?

More peaceful, more organised, more unified like a global village living in peace and harmony after facing the endless futility of wars, violence and conflict for centuries.

What have you done to help create peace in your lifetime?
My life is devoted to spreading peace and nonviolence, the abolition of wars, elimination of small arms and nuclear weapons. I travel throughout the world speaking for non-violence, conflict-resolution, demilitarisation, and spreading a culture of peace. (

•    What can KIDS do to help create a more peaceful world?

Teach children peace education, a culture of peace, shared responsibility and peaceful coexistence which are keys for an ethical foundation of our society and to protect the core values of life. These shared values comprise some of the most basic aspirations of human kind – freedom, equality, solidarity, tolerance, respect for nature and multiculturalism.

Peace education is central to:

The construction of genuinely democratic societies including good governance and the rule of law.

Key to building the sense of global citizenship that global problem-solving requires.

The most powerful instrument for reducing poverty and inequality and for laying the basis for sustainable growth.

Environmental progress for countering the effects of climate change, for turning our back on oil, gas and coal and for finding alternative sources of energy.

The new world economy, with its knowledge intensity, which requires a leap forward in each country’s education effort.

Tackle global issues of wars, terrorism, poverty and climate change.

The necessary for the advancement of science, culture and civilisation for all of us to share a common vision of humanity.

Development. It creates choices and opportunities for people, reduces the twin burdens of poverty and diseases, and gives a stronger voice in society.

Holistic media coverage for shaping the events in war and peace.

The development of children and the youth as the future leaders of the world.

If we can administer the above mentioned qualities into children and youth, when they grow, they will take the right decisions for a safer, peaceful and harmonious world.

If there are more children and youth who can muster the courage to spread the message of peace, non-violence and love in the world, a time will come in the history of mankind when the perception of sudden change from a gun culture to a culture of peace becomes a reality. That period in history will become the golden age of living. The children and youth of today can make it happen as they have the advantage of information technology on their side.


Taken from V. Mehta’s book, ‘The Fortune Forum Code: For a Sustainable Future,’ ,p.138, 2006

Taken from V. Mehta’s book, ‘The Fortune Forum Code: For a Sustainable Future,’ p.87-88, 2006

For further information contact: Vijay Mehta –

VM Centre for Peace HYPERLINK “”

Action for UN Renewal HYPERLINK “”


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